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Bas Chic Up 15
BAS CHIC UP 15 Ultra-sheer stay-up stockings, with elastane and lace border.   8..
€ 8.35
Bas Chic Up 30 Denier
BAS CHIC UP 30 DENIER Semi opaque stay up stockings, with elastane, with lace border. &nb..
€ 8.95
Bas Chic Up 50 Denier
BAS CHIC UP 50 DENIER Opaque stay-ups, with lace border.   Boord: 76% Polyam..
€ 8.95
Bas Prestige Up 15
BAS PRESTIGE UP 15 DENIER Elegant ultra sheer stay ups with high precious lace border.  ..
€ 11.45
Bas Riga Up 20
BAS RIGA UP 20 DENIER Sheer stay-up, with stripe on the back and pyramid-shaped heel. Smo..
€ 10.15
Bas Suntime Up New Bronzing Effect
BAS SUNTIME UP NEW BRONZING EFFECT Suntan effect  sheer tights. Very thin and almost..
€ 8.45
Caresse Stay Up
CARESSE STAY UP Sheer stay up of a special lycra yarn. Matt look, silky touch and with wi..
€ 18.50
Netlace Stay Up
NETLACE STAY UP Lycra 3D, soft and cosy, with Lycra fibre knitted into every course for perfe..
€ 12.00
PARIS 20 den. Thin hold-up stocking. Shiny, double covered lycra, reinforced. Transpa..
€ 10.75
Paris Size Plus
PARIS SIZE PLUS 20 DENIER Luxury shine hold up with deep lace top.  Holds securely thank..
€ 11.95
Pure Matt 20 Stay-Up
PURE MATT 20 STAY-UP Luxurious, matt elegance. Transparent stay-up with a matt finish for..
€ 8.75
Pure Matt 50 Stay Up
PURE MATT 50 STAY UP Luxurious, matt elegance. Semi-opaque stay-up with a matt finish for..
€ 13.20
Summercool Stay Up
SUMMERCOOL STAY UP Sheer and light stay up. 10 denier appearance, with attractive border...
€ 14.95
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